Upbrella is a building system for high-rise buildings (towers). With Upbrella, the roof is installed early on and lifted floor by floor to shelter and industrialize the building under construction. A lift and a protective wall with a gangway complete the solution and allow workers to erect the building envelope before each lift without ever being exposed to adverse weather.

That working environment configuration has all the advantages of industrial production: QUALITY, EFFICIENCY AND SAFETY.



Upbrella Construction offers "turnkey" management and construction services for major projects. Its team includes project managers, superintendents, and technical and administrative management personnel. For a proposal, visit the Upbrella construction site.



Upbrella International is in charge of marketing and licensing management of Upbrella technology. Contact us if you want to become a partner in deploying Upbrella in your market or your specialty.

Upbrella International's mission is to build an Upbrella community featuring several companies and subsidiaries that will benefit from the international experiences of all partners, such that Upbrella will become essential for the construction of tall buildings. We participate in the development of buildings and building systems conforming to international standards, of which the principles will be optimized in order to be recognized as the best, regardless of the markets in which they will be deployed.