3L Innogénie and Luc Poirier: Commercial Agreement

3L Innogénie and Luc Poirier concluded a commercial agreement on the construction of a demonstration project for the Upbrella technology. The targeted building would have 10 floors and its use would be mixed. Details are about the project are still in the making, but the schedule specifies a start date in 2014.

The agreement also includes an equity component in the shareholding of 3L Innogénie inc for Luc Poirier. 3L Innogénie is proud to have Luc Poirier as an investor and partner for its innovative initiative.

3L Innogénie has developed and now markets the Upbrella construction technique in which the roof of the building is installed earlier and conventional handling equipment is replaced by a totally different arrangement to simplify the construction in dense urban environments. Upbrella enables developers and manufacturers to better control the risks associated with high-rise building projects.